The world of commercial CCTV is vast and ever growing. This new age of digital viewing and recording, HD performance and IP break through has brought about a new era for the industry to sink its teeth into.

With so many advancements in various aspects of commercial CCTV, the potential of a system is no long merely a means of recording images for instant or delayed reference. The CCTV system is now a tool to be used to work along side your business, to analyse production or progress, or secure areas with absolute control by working in conjunction with almost any other system.

Integrating systems such as CCTV, Access control and Intruder Alarms creates a substantial barrier to unauthorised personnel whilst enabling the ability to provide advanced essential access and information in emergency situations such building evacuations or fires.

During the past decade we have been enhancing our knowledge of commercial CCTV systems through design, installation, commissioning and maintenance. This has enabled us to provide not only an affordable, timely and professional service, but also to ensure that our after sales customer care gives you the support that you require to understand, operate and expand your systems to the best of their ability. Furthermore our highly trained and dedicated installation teams have the experience and commitment to ensure that contracts are completed on time, on budget and to the highest possible standard.