There are various types of Perimeter detection systems each with its own benefits designed to suit particular installations. From household gardens to military defence, these systems use an invisible beam or sensors to create a perimeter which monitors movement or breaches of your open boundary line, wall or fence.

Typically used as an addition to an Intruder alarm system and often in conjunction with CCTV systems, perimeter defences can provide incredibly high levels of alarm accuracy and detection over vast stretches of land.

Traditional security solutions such as manned patrols and CCTV can be reduced to a minimum by installing a perimeter detection system. Perimeter defence can be deployed in various “zones” across an area to clearly identify the location of a breach. They can also be linked to a speech dialer, monitoring station, CCTV, access control and smart phones etc for remote monitoring to allow an accurate and appropriate response, reducing overall costs.

Lynx Electrical and Security can provide a free on site survey to help you determine the best system to suit your needs and budget. With a wide range of solutions available, every perimeter can be protected however large or small.