SmokeCloak systems are one of the most effective ways to protect your property from theft. In a matter of seconds, the SmokeCloak fills the protected area with a visually impenetrable cloud of smoke, reducing visibility to approximately 30cm/12 inches. This cloud conceals your property, aiding considerably in the prevention of loss, confusing the thief and forcing the intruder to retreat.

The vapour produced is made using pharmaceutical/food grade glycols found in toothpaste, deodorants and wines which is harmless to humans and animals and leaves no residue.

The SmokeCloak system can be installed as an independant security measure however is usually operated in conjunction with an Intruder Alarm system. When the SmokeCloak or Intruder Alarm system activation is confirmed within the unit, the SmokeCloak releases the cloud of smoke until the area is flooded. In the event of the smoke being evacuated before the system is reset, the SmokeCloak will reactivate to ensure that your property remains out of sight until an authorised person deactivates the alarm.

SmokeCloak systems can be installed as an addition to most existing intruder alarm systems however some domestic burglar alarms do not have the appropriate facility to add such a system and would require upgrading.

Our team of experienced and knowledgeable engineers can advise you on the compatibility of your existing alarm and or advise you on an appropriate Intruder alarm system that can incorporate a SmokeCloak system. More often than not, in the event that an existing system is not compatible, only the control panel and key pads require to be changed.