Whether your reasons for using covert CCTV systems are for protecting your assets or an individual, their application can mean the difference between catching an offender and the threat or theft continuing.

Highly visible or “overt” cameras have a well established place in the world of security, however due to their high profile nature they can be avoided by obvious blind spots or in some cases become the target of an attack.

The range of covert CCTV solutions that Lynx Electrical and Security can offer is almost limitless. With pre-manufactured and fully operational clock faces, alarm sensors and smoke detectors but to name a few, we can also offer bespoke solutions incorporating covert CCTV systems into existing fixtures and appliances as well as outside areas like gardens, parking areas and walkways.

You can enjoy total peace of mind that your installation will maintain a moral and lawful integrity with the free advice of Lynx Electrical and Security’s experienced and knowledgeable covert CCTV installation team. We offer a complete service including a seamless and discreet installation, monitoring and review of footage where required and an equally seamless and discreet removal of the equipment.