Some of the most significant advancements in security systems over the past few years have been in the wireless sector.

What was once a costly alternative is now an affordable solution to protecting not only your house or office, but also to sheds, garages, out-buildings and hard to reach areas alike without the need for catenary wires or ground works.

Many different types of wireless system exist in the market and we are proud to be able to offer you the full range of products available to give the results you need, whether that is a fully wireless system or hybrid of wired and wireless.

The immediate benefit to a Wireless Intruder Alarm is that minimal disturbance to flooring, walls and décor occurs during installation; however other benefits exist in the way of additional devices which can easily be added to the system. These devices enable you to take control of your house by either indicating dangers present e.g. an intruder, a fire, carbon monoxide, flood etc, or by giving you additional protection with wireless panic alarms and remote set and unset fobs.

It must be said that these additional feature are by no means limited to wireless systems.