Biometric technology has become the next big thing in keyless entry access. Currently utilising fingerprint recognition, facial recognition, palm scans and retina scans, the industry is forever striving to find new ways of uniquely identifying authorised personnel.

From household front doors to top secret military facilities, this technology has a wide range of applications.

Notably by far the most accessible and affordable means of entry is the dead bolt fingerprint reader. Used as a stand alone unit or part of a larger access control system, the dead bolt biometric reader can fit to almost any door and gives a huge boost to security. Its affordability means it is available to home owners at a reasonable cost and can mean being locked out due to lost or stolen keys a thing of the past.

Additional or alternative entry methods are available built-in to the dead bolt biometric reader such as keypad entry or the traditional turn of a key.

Lynx Electrical and Security have access to world leading biometric developers and manufacturers enabling us to offer a wide range of products to suit our customer’s individual specification and budget.